• steamkeysactivator: Apple script to activate Steam keys bought on HumbleBundle
  • Xpra homebrew tap: Homebrew formula to install Xpra (https://www.xpra.org) on a Mac without a dreadful X11/XQuartz
  • Google Authenticator homebrew tap: Homebrew formula to install “Google Authenticator” PAM module (https://github.com/google/google-authenticator) on a Mac to enable two-factor authentication for ssh.
  • terminal-app-function-keys: Configuration file for Mac OS X Terminal.app which enables proper handling for functional keys, mostly useful for Byobu as it uses too many hot keys
  • node-nest: Small node.js server to help you control home appliances from your Nest thermostat

Some code that I wrote while working at Google

  • guice: Reimplementing Guice singleton scope with a support for a proper multi-threading, turned out to be surprisingly hard
  • vtocc: Java JDBC driver implementation to use Vtocc database protocol
  • xpra-upstart: Upstart config to run Xpra as a daemon in Ubuntu

One-off scripts: